My story started in the summer of 2015 immediately before the September Lunar eclipse of the same year... Prior to that I had begun to lose my direction in life - Following a near fatal house fire and a number of near death experiences I realised I had to turn things around...

Growing up I'd always felt a little different  - Amongst these experiences isolated events of precognition, childhood experiences, feelings of ''knowing'', heightened emotional sensitivity, dreams of another world...a longing to be amongst the stars - It became clear to me that some of the stranger events in my life

With each new day , I began to experience signs, numbers and synchronicities so stirring and profound, I could not ignore. A different way of life had become clear - It no longer felt unreachable to live my dreams -  I realised I had to answer the call and began to follow the guidance I was receiving...

It was a calling that profoundly moved me and inspired me to take action, here in 2018 and we are coming together across the world


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''I'm not just talking about analyzing symbols from a dream but bringing the dream into life. I'm talking about seeing the world around you as a waking dream where the symbols and synchronicities will speak to you if you pay attention. That's why I call it active dreaming because it's about getting active with all our dreams can be.''

Robert Moss